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No Second Chances

This is not an exaggeration. In our line of work, we are involved in numerous damage limitation exercises concerning companies that have fallen foul of vehicle legislation. Few of them, from the businesses point of view, have had anything like a happy ending.

Whilst we do all we can to manage a situation, we cannot change the law. Prevention is always better than cure and so we specialise in preparing our clients to ensure they are fully prepared and compliant in the event of a claim or an accident.

Traced back to you

Many companies think they are low risk when it comes to health & safety, compliance and risk. However every business becomes the same at the point someone steps behind the wheel of a vehicle. Accidents do happen, people get hurt and many fail to recognise the extent of their liability for any vehicle or driver on the road, in any work related capacity, regardless of whether that vehicle is owned by the company or not. Even if a driver is charging you mileage costs, in the event of an accident if something is wrong the liability can be traced back to you.

The Devil is in the details

The repercussions that resonate through a business, should any member of your team be involved in an accident are considerable. It pays on so many different levels, to be prepared, be compliant and should the worst happen, have detailed records of all your drivers and vehicles on hand, to be used in any resulting legal proceedings.

Not worth the risk

Financially and given the time that's tied up in the resulting legislation, being caught unawares where compliance is concerned, can be catastrophic to new start up businesses or smaller firms. It can also be economically crippling, not to mention embarrassing and highly stressful, for established companies.

Compliance need not be expensive
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